Safety and Security Film

Safety and Security films are generally installed as a theft deterrent, graffiti deterrent, or to keep shards of glass from flying in the case a building or home is hit by a hurricane, tornado or bomb blast.
All the window films we use from total privacy solar films to clear safety and security films will repel 99% of the sun's harmful U.V. rays. These rays contribute to about 40% of fading to paintings, furniture,and Hardwood floors.
Solar films can drastically reduce fading by also reducing a large portion of the sun's heat. This will also reduce energy bills. In the summer the film will help will keep the heat out, and in the winter time the film helps retain heat in your home by acting as a insulator.
The film installation process is fairly inexpensive in comparison to other products that you would try to use to add safety, privacy, reduce energy bills or add aesthetics. When installed by a professional the process is simple and doesn't require a great deal of time.

Window Tinting by Professional Window Treatments

Professional Window Treatments is one of the few companies who can offer you a way to completely keep your view without sacrificing the privacy or insulating benefits of blinds and shades. We offer a selection of Window Tint that can provide you with alternatives on those windows that just have too good a view to lose. We also offer Window Films like our Rice Paper and Cut-Glass(shown below) that provide privacy while giving the window itself a new texture.

Tinting Provides:

  • Reduced air conditioning costs by reducing solar heat
  • Reduced Glare
  • Blockage of UV Rays
  • Increased protection from flying glass
  • Protection from flying debris*

*Only with certain tints.